Things To Consider When Moving

When it comes to moving house, many people find a stressful and harrowing experience. Here at Small Movers, we often see customers making the same mistakes when packing their belongings. However, we appreciate that it must be hard for people who don’t experience the removals industry everyday to anticipate some of the problems and pitfalls they may encounter. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips on how to pack, which we hope you’ll find useful.

If you want to save money on buying expensive packing boxes (some of which are priced at $100 or more for a pack of 15) then you should start collecting cardboard boxes as soon as you decide to move. A great source for free cardboard boxes is your local supermarket. They throw out perfectly unserviceable boxes all the time, and regularly give them out to customers who ask for them. Another great source for cardboard boxes is to ask friends and colleagues. When buying electrical appliances such as microwaves and TVs, many people put the box in their basement or attic, as it’s too much of a fuss to break it down. They also generally keep boxes in case the item they’ve purchased develops a fault during the manufacturer’s warranty, as many stores require that items be returned in their original packaging when being replaced.

Make sure you start to pack your items early. If you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you probably won’t realise just how many items you’ve accumulated, and packing them will probably take up much more of your time than you anticipated.  We recommend that people should start the packing process at least two months before their moving date.

Make sure you pack one room at a time, labelling your boxes according to each room as you go. This will save so much time and fuss with the unpacking process. If you do this, you’ll be able to move everything into the right room before you even unpack your first box.

Try to de-clutter as much as you can. As previously mentioned, you won’t realise how many items you’ve accumulated in your home until you start packing them away. But do you really need all of these items? Do you really need that old hi-fi with the tape deck and record player? How about that old chunky CRT TV in the spare room?  Items like these that can really slow down the packing process and can even delay your moving date. You should consider having a yard sale, selling them online or donating some of these items to charity.

Don’t pack too many things in one box. If you put more than 13.5K in a box, you risk back injury to yourself and others. Additionally, if you overload boxes, they can easily fall apart, which might damage your items if they fall out of the box.

Cushion empty gaps in boxes. Putting old rags, wrapping paper or old newspapers in-between your items will help to protect them whilst they’re being transported.